[WATCH] ‘An Open Secret’ Documentary Releases A Thrilling Trailer

It is no secret that in Hollywood lies many secrets — some endearing, others trivial or even inspirational, but expectedly, the best kept ones are those darker and derogatory. An upcoming documentary, An Open Secret, gives us a look on just that.

It promises to tell “the secret Hollywood doesn’t want you to know”.

Directed by Oscar nominated director Amy Berg, the controversial documentary digs in on the issue of sexual child abuse in the entertainment industry. It presents interviews with former child actors such as Corey Feldman and Todd Bridges. The most noted contributor though is Michael Egan He is the man who accused X-Men director Brian Singer and numerous other male industry executives and filmmakers of molesting him. He later on withdrew his claims and even pleaded guilty of investment fraud. Despite his conviction dwindling his credibility, producers of An Open Secret continues to stand by Egan’s allegations being a key part of the documentary.

In a statement, they said: “After the recent announcement of the film’s release, there was talk in some quarters of the media questioning the appearance of Michael Egan in the film in light of his subsequent lawsuit, which was both filed and later withdrawn after he filmed his scenes for An Open Secret. The producers vociferously defend Egan’s participation in the film while clarifying its scope.”

The documentary will be screened on May 19 at Cannes and will be shown in selected theaters starting June 15.


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