‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season Finale: Exec producer Steve Molaro teases big changes ahead for the gang — Is there a couple breaking up?

Will Amy and Sheldon finally up their relationship to the next level? Will Penny and Leonard say “I do”?

Exec producer Steve Molaro previewed what’s coming up for the Big Bang crew on the upcoming season finale. Keep reading for the scoop!

Amy’s patience is running low:

While things have been progressing with that relationship, it’s still been glacially slow and Amy has just about had enough of it. Amy is putting the screws to Sheldon for more. She feels like she’s been patient long enough.

Penny and Leonard makes a life-changing decision, but with a twist:

They find themselves in an interesting place that you’ll definitely want to watch the [Season 9] premiere.

Raj is torn between breaking up or staying with Emily because of their wild differences:

You’re talking about a guy who’s in a relationship with a pretty girl but has not actually broken up and ended a relationship on his own in his life. You can argue that Emily being weirder than any other girl he’s known or dated is good for him and if there’s still an attraction there, why break up? Maybe he should give this more of a shot.

Howard and Bernie won’t be expanding their family just yet, as they still have to deal with Stuart:

It’s the opposite of empty nest syndrome. They realize that they may have had their fill of Stuart living in their house and want to kick him out. They’re not afraid of doing it, but obstacles will be in the way and they have to figure it out. Bernadette is pretty clear that they can’t move on with their lives with him still living there. All of these issues are being confronted in this episode.


  • There will be one or more cliffhanger in the finale.
  • The finale is the fifth anniversary meeting of Amy and Sheldon.
  • Jaws will be dropped in the finale, per EP Molaro.

Catch the finale on Thursday, May 7 on CBS.

[via TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly]


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