Revenge “Series Finale”: Showrunner Sunil Nayar Breaks Down The Epic Victoria/Emily Faceoff

ABC’s Revenge presented itself as a compelling drama series with a strong female lead. As it progressed over the past four years, fans were taken aback from some of its rather convoluted storylines.

Nevertheless, the intriguing redemption story of Amanda Clarke aka Emily Thorne has drawn viewers to follow her next move every week. Revenge’s own brand somehow drove us to step into Emily’s own shoes as she turn down every enemy of her father — and her own.

(We’re all just the same Amanda Clarke, pretending to be someone we’re truly not. Aren’t we?)

Now that the series is about to conclude — with the finale ominously titled “Two Graves” — what mind-blowing finale can loyal fans of the ABC soap expect?

Check out the scoops offered by showrunner Sunil Nayar below:

Hold up for one last major reveal from the undead Victoria Grayson

And then there’s one more final, huge, wonderful detail that we’ll reveal in the series finale that Emily couldn’t have known that she will also come to learn in the next episode, which will completely reveal what Victoria’s whole plan was, ultimately.

An epic confrontation between Amanda and Victoria

One of those that in many ways, it’s what the audience has been pining for, for four years, and has been expecting, but in many ways, it’s a completely unexpected way to do it. When we spoke to Emily [VanCamp] and Madeleine about this scene, one of the things they really did love about it was it is the scene you expect, but it’s not in any way the scene you expect. The performance they both give is just tremendous. It will be epic and satisfying and a combination of these four years of inevitable forces rushing toward each other.

There will be a cliffhanger so prepare to be pissed off ask more questions after the finale

It’s a nice moment that shows these things are never-ending. This is a world one enters and never fully leaves you. We wanted to explore that in the finale. What is the effect of this world on people if they manage to get out of it?

ABC has yet to approve the rumored spinoff “Kingmakers”

I read the script and thought it was fantastic. The new guy they cast as the lead (Gus Halper), who plays a man who adopts a new identity to infiltrate a university in order to investigate his sister’s death] is supposed to be fantastic. Fingers crossed — I hope it goes forward. ABC will decide if it is a spinoff.


  • Mason and Margaux know that Victoria is still alive.
  • Charlotte will be back.
  • We’re unsure if Jack is safe.
  • There’ll be plenty of White Gold moments in the finale.
  • There will be two people in a grave before the credits roll.

Which two Revenge characters won’t make it alive on Sunday’s finale? Hit the comments for your guesses!

[Via Variety, THR, TV Line]


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