Game of Thrones Season 5: Are Ser Barristan & Grey Worm Dead?

Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones ended with Ser Barristan and Grey Worm fatally wounded, lying in their own blood. But to consider the show’s fashion in killing-off characters, this begs the question: “Are they actually dead”?

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT | From what we have learned, Ser Barristan is dunzo. His portrayer, Ian McElhinney, has confirmed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that his participation in the series is over, despite the fact that his character is still alive after five books.

When asked about what he felt after shooting his final scene, the actor shared that it wasn’t an easy thing to swallow:

The totality of it didn’t really hit me until once it was over, and then I was surprised how emotional I felt. The guys were lovely; they gave me a really nice gift. I got a little bit tearful. It’s been great fun. The crew has been fantastic. They’re a great gang of people. Never mind their professionalism, they’re nice people. And coming in here and seeing the sets and the costumes and all that kind of thing. There’s so much thought and care and expertise that has gone into making this. It probably won’t really hit me until this time next year when people are gathering for the next [season]. Hopefully I’ll be busy doing something else. I’m not worried too much about that.

That’s one down for Dany’s closest advisors.

WHAT ABOUT GREY? | As for Grey Worm’s fate, it seems that there’s a slight glimmer of hope. According to Zap2it, HBO “might have already spoiled” the character’s fate earlier when they released the season 5 trailer. On the clip, Missandrei is seen sharing an intimate moment with an injured Grey Worm. *See above photo*

(Said trailer was deleted from Zap2it’s earlier post)



  • Jorah will make his way back to Khaleesi with Tyrion Lannister.
  • Hizdahr zo Loraq (Joel Fry) will get his way about the fighting pits.

[via Zap2it]


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