Years of preparation leads Manny Pacquiao to the Fight of the Century

Though heroes are made, not born, only few would contest that Manny Pacquiao is destined to be one.

Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao surely has gone a long way from literally fighting through poverty through boxing to being a world renowned boxing champion. In a few hours now, he will be on the ring for what has been tagged as the “fight of the century” but did you know that Manny has been preparing for this fight even before starting his boxing career? Here are 8 facts about our 8-division People’s Champ…

  1. Around the age of 6, Manny has his first job as an assistant to a fisherman and he credits this for strengthening his upper body.
  2. Manny first learned the importance of speed and persistence at the age of 7, by witnessing a cockfight.
  3. Manny had his first fist fight when he came to his brother’s rescue against bullies. He won that fight around the age of 9.
  4. As a child, Manny looked up on Bruce Lee’s speed and agility even before and even imitated his moves on a large banana tree

    (photo found on
  5. Manny, during his teenage years, fought bigger and heavier kids in a makeshift boxing area in what was dubbed “Boxing at the Park.”
  6. Sixteen year old Manny debuted as a professional boxer on a weekly boxing show “Blow by Blow

    (photo credit: J.P. Yim)
  7. When Manny first met Oscar dela Hoya the latter allegedly predicted Manny’s rise to boxing fame when he told him: “Manny, I will personally make you a legend in this sport. Because of me, one day you will take the throne of boxing.”

    (photo credit: J.P. Yim)
  8. As Washington Post wrote, Manny walked to Freddy Roach’s gym unannounced around 2 decades ago. Freddy Roach haven’t even heard of him then but gave our People’s champ a chance and was instantly impressed after just one round of sparring.

Read up on more facts about Manny’s journey here


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