‘Selfie Arm’: The Perfect Selfie Stick for Forever Alones

Sick and tired of being #ForeverAlone?

On Tuesday (April 28), Designboom, an online art, architecture, and design magazine, featured a curious-looking contraption that allows members of the selfie generation to create the illusion of having friends anytime and anywhere. The device, conveniently called as the “Selfie Arm”, was conceived by artists Aric Snee and Justin Crowe as “a sarcastic solution to quintessential problem – nobody wants to look alone while they mindlessly snap pictures of themselves.”

The Selfie Arm works exactly like its predecessor, the selfie stick, except that taking pictures with the selfie arm would look like you’re holding hands with a well-dressed significant other, who may have yet to see the light of the day due to its dull grey complexion.

According to Designboom, the Selfie Arm is lightweight and portable as it is made of fiberglass. However, selfie stick users will notice that this arm-shaped selfie stick may be more difficult to carry around compared to the original selfie sticks due to its inability to be contracted.

Important note though, the selfie arm is still a conceptual prototype and may not be available to the public anytime soon.


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