Instagram’s @Music: A Place for “Capturing and Sharing the World’s Musical Moments”

Instagram will no longer be just a platform for #selfies and #foodporn.

Just recently, the popular social media network announced the creation of an Instagram account solely for the purpose of promoting music. According to Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s CEO and Founder, @Music is dedicated to “exploring music around the globe, from those who create it to the community around it.”

The company will feature A-listers and budding musical acts and share the stories behind their music to more than 300 million users of Instagram. Content will include exclusive interviews, short profiles, and 15-second music tutorials. Systrom envisions that through @Music, Instagram will continue to live up to its reputation as a haven for performers and music lovers from all around the world.

Followers of the @Music account can expect fresh content from the account daily from Tuesday to Sunday. As part of its inauguration, Instagram featured Questlove, Roots drummer and “Tonight Show” bandleader, and Trico, an all-female math rock trio based in Kyoto, Japan.

Will you support @Music?


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