The Good Wife Season 6: Kalinda will appear in the finale

Cheer up, The Good Wife fans. We haven’t seen the last of Kalinda Sharma.

Exec producers Robert and Michelle King confirmed in a report from EW that we’re still going to see her on the upcoming finale titled “Old Issues”.

Yes. We will see her. [The finale] answers a lot of questions regarding Kalinda, which I think there will be some mystery about. Has she truly left the show? Or are there still beats to be handled with, or story elements to be handled with her? So [the finale] answers the question of Kalinda for the year.

BONUS SCOOP | Per TV Line, the awaited reunion of Alicia and Kalinda will also unfold in the final hour!

“Kalicia” ‘shippers will get the face-to-face moment between Panjabi and Julianna Margulies for which they’ve been waiting nearly three years. And I hear it’ll be a crowd-pleaser — satisfying, heartbreaking, funny, etc.

Don’t miss the finale on Sunday, May 10 on CBS.


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