Ellen Pompeo Gives Inspiring Message After Derek’s Death on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Ellen Pompeo‘s character on Grey’s Anatomy is notably one of the strongest female characters on TV.

She survived a bomb blowing off inside the hospital, the passing of Lexi and George (which we all mourned so painfully), and losing her BFF for good. Meredith is the rock. But since after the death of her husband, Derek Shepherd aka Mcdreamy, can she still hold the image of strength?

She’s only human, yes, we all know that. And maybe, the answer to that visceral question is between yes and no. Because there’s simply no words, no actions to explain the things you’ll do after losing someone close to your heart.

Pompeo on Monday took it to Twitter to share her sentiment for the death of her onscreen husband. She offered words of encouragement to the people who shared the same experience as Meredith, and how the job wouldn’t be possible without their fans.

Read on for her statement below:

Will you miss Mer-Der?


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