Check out the filming photos of Ryan Reynolds on ‘Deadpool’ set

Filming photos of Ryan Reynolds and his stunt double for “Deadpool “have arrived today.

An action-packed, car crash scene was filmed in Vancouver by the 42-year old actor who made leaps and bounds towards an overturned vehicle on a bridge.

Per Deadline:

When Reynolds made that first appearance as Deadpool, also known as Wade Wilson, he was a smart-mouthed mercenary with terminal cancer who undergoes military experiments in an attempt to replicate Wolverine’s mutant healing factor. He comes away with the ability to heal quickly — but for the price of being indestructible, he is rendered severely scarred. His acerbic attitude remains, though, earning him the nickname “The Merc with a Mouth.”

See more photos at Daily Mail.

Deadpool is slated to premiere in February 2016.


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