Killing Jesus Video: Kelsey Grammer’s King Herod Meets His Maker

A must-see for the holy week.


Despite the title of National Geographic’s Killing Jesus, the TV movie will explore much more than the Son of God’s final hours.

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The three-hour event, which debuts this Sunday at 8/7c, charts the political and historical conflicts that led to Jesus’ execution. Haaz Sleiman (Covert Affairs, Nurse Jackie) stars as the titular Savior, with other cast members including True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer (as Pontius Pilate) and Frasier‘s Kelsey Grammer (as King Herod).

In the exclusive sneak peek above, Grammer’s king — unwilling to lose his throne to baby Jesus, “The King of the Jews” — orders a massacre of all male children aged 2 and under.

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But after Herod has a vision of those very killings, he…

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